Sunday, May 28, 2006

Leo Carrillo

Some pics from our trip today.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Family Affair

Over at Team Ning we just launched a cool new app targeted at families. Here's my blog post about it, and here's the app. It's pretty handy (just cloned it for use with both sides of my own extended family).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wildcat Pride

Good to see that my high school is taking such a progressive stance in regards to online speech. Sigh.

State Your Name

When you're about to have a baby (well, technically Sarah is...not me), everyone wants to know what the name's gonna be. We never tell anyone until after the birth, so that we don't have to hear comments from the peanut gallery. As for clues?

a) It's a boy.

b) We tend to give our children "old man" names.

c) On the Baby Name Wizard, this name was "the shit" in the 1910s.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

8-Bit Zen

The legendary Rod Naber on New Super Mario Bros...

"A co-worker had that at work today. There is nothing more satisfying than getting the giant mushroom and destroying everything.... and I don't have to tell you guys I'm a side-scrolling level man. All that 3-D bullshit is like cargo shorts... soon enough you realize you have no need for all those damn pockets."

Mushroom Flashback

Year: 1986(ish)
Location: Libertyville, IL

8-year-old(ish) Kyle gets a Nintendo Entertainment System bundled with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt for his birthday, and proceeds to hop around the living room with excitement, flapping his hands like a bird and screaming like a schoolgirl. The ultimate present. After hooking it up to the old-school family room TV (which didn't even work with an RF switch), he presses the power button and vanishes into the magic of Level 1-1. There's no turning back.

Year: 2006
Location: Santa Monica, CA

28-year-old Kyle sits in the corner while his two children watch Dora the Explorer. He throws New Super Mario Bros. into his Nintendo DS and presses the power button. Within seconds, he's 8 all over again.

See how I went third person with that? Yeah, that's versatility.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sony Meltdown

I was IMing with Dave about this today, but after hearing the confirmed price points for the PS3 ($499 and $599) I've decided to officially predict the slow demise of Sony (at least in terms of consumer electronics). Let's take a look at some recent developments:

1) They've totally lost the portable music/media war to Apple. They used to have the Walkman, for God's sake! And the Discman! Big brands. Now they sadly attempt to make iPod knockoffs.

2) The PSP is getting its ass handed to it by the DS (esp among the important mid-20s to mid-30s demo). The PSP has like three decent games and a failed media format (UMD) that's being pulled from retailers. As I've said before, formats are dead. If it's not a digital file it's worthless.

3) The PS3 is waaaay too expensive, and giving Microsoft a full year headstart was a seriously bad move. As Dave said, the XBox 360 will be the standard for realistic, graphically-intensive "mature" games and the Nintendo Wii will fill the "cheap, quick and fun" niche. This leaves the PS3 out in the cold as an expensive latecomer. And why is it so expensive? Largely because of the Blu-Ray drive included within. Again, nobody cares about new DVD formats. Your plan to use the PS3 as a Trojan Horse to make Blu-Ray the standard (over HD-DVD) would be a good one IF a) anyone cared and b) it didn't make your console more expensive than an average desktop PC.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

We Have Reached a Verdict

Yesterday I finished up my four-day experience as a trial juror on a criminal case in downtown Los Angeles (aka "the place where each fast-food place has three drive through for payment, one for food and one for the obligatory homeless guy begging for cash).

Both parties were Mexican women who spoke no English. The defendant was charged with...wait for it...threatening to stab the other woman to death with a screwdriver for sleepin' with her man. Pretty priceless.

In the end we found her not guilty, as the witnesses were all pretty sketchy and everyone had serious doubts as to the validity of the claims.

The most important item, however, was that on the first day of jury selection, I'm 99% sure that the bailiff was Joe from Divorce Court.

They Blew Up Guttenberg!

The Veronica Mars finale was fantastic. If "The CW" doesn't pick it up, I'm personally locating Moonves and punching him in the balls. Certain CW publicist acquaintances should take note :) Aside from Lost, there's no better one-hour drama on television right now.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Rupe and Steve, Sitting in a Tree...

Well, looks like hell has frozen over. FOX is now selling shows on iTunes.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cute Overload Hits This Week's EW

God Help Us

Wednesday, May 03, 2006